When rabbits cry

For you human who think the line in Bug Bang was funny :Penny told Lenard his hands were as soft as Veal! Your stupid! Veal is the meat if a baby calf force to live its brief life in a crate then murdered! She told Leonard his hands were like meat! Where is that humorous?Continue reading “When rabbits cry”


Powerful stuff at my house, Nearly midnight snack, Ryan planned on sweet potatoes and a piece of cheesecake, For supper but the potatoes for the second time we’re not done so it’s just cheesecake, New York cheesecake mind you but I like cheesecake with stuff on it Then have any stuff to put on itContinue reading “Cheese”

The day after

Saturday days crammed into one, Like a war made run only on one day, Fun so hard on body, Foodbank feels like one word, Frozen food at eight, Twelve hours later not, Dragging in near dark, Legs swollen, Twenty duable, Sixty-four so damn tiring, Full day Sunday with Packer full day, Nursery coming , SoContinue reading “The day after”

A lovely thing

Best is to eat in a friends kitchen, Or one of my favorite resteraunts, Not a lovely thing eating something very yummy while my firfamily watch, Whinning, Meow!-translation thought you loved us,its not very loving not sharing! Tonight I had two huge cans of’let’s lable this beef stew, One I stuck in my saved bowlContinue reading “A lovely thing”

Nine hundred monthly for food

Bullshit, I gross $889/month, Figure $900/12 -$132 {{889 rounds up to 900} the 12=months, the 132 is 11×12}} At $889×12=10668, Way below $53000 the about in Iowa you can make to get food at a food bank. I get $30 Food Stamps, The ad tha is every where saying the goverment is.giving $900 a monthContinue reading “Nine hundred monthly for food”

Looks greeeeeeat?

Looks good, Nice and tall, Fair worthy, Lot of rain, July is tippy toward end of month, Usually rivers still high, From Mississippi to Iowa, Saw Turkey river yesterday also high, Corn now being sold sweet corn you know, Ever year that seems to soon, When I was a kid corn was sweet in August,Continue reading “Looks greeeeeeat?”

Cat gang

Two thirty am, Told Mr.Black let me sleep, No hunger yowling alerts, As I sat writing, Late riser a main coon, Two grey calico’s and little Chester have been sent to fetch me fur food, You know as well as I do our firfamilies like a syndicate, Mr.Bjack my oldest cats the Catfather, Spayed butContinue reading “Cat gang”


Cloud, Dark as pitch, When darkness left Iowa morning, Not dawn yet, Sun was hinted at, And yet no where near, Like a box of cloudy thick white air, You can not see the cloud you ride in until the fog is white, No road signs, Ditches there but not visible, A world forgotten, Vacant,Continue reading “Fog”

Grumpy cat

Woke me at two, Two a.m., Hungry he was, Yowling and snarling like a mountain cat, I went to town yesterday, To town I went, Its twelve miles to Wally World, My oldest cat has only one tooth on the bottom, Mr Black, Owly cat, Grumpy cat, I git four cans of food, The babyContinue reading “Grumpy cat”

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