Out Seeking,

Iowan writer,blogger, Trained Customer Service,cash handling,working with tourist, Opener closer seeking employment from home until vehicle is fixed, Soft butch lesbian stuck in sticks of Iowa, Made artistic skills, Blogger WordPress/YouTube, Great Care Taker, Empath, Need employment, Tired jobsites that lie, A town with three hundred, Quasqueton Iowa doesn’t have five thousand jobs, Quit lyingContinue reading “Out Seeking,”

Not an apple,

So hungry during night, Was so sure had two small apples by me, So not Apples, Woke with half tangerine gone, Hoping I recall the best cranberry salad, Apple,orange and two cups cranberry, All goes into food processor, With a pinch of sugar, Nummy,nummy, It’s sad funny, No longer hungry, Not satisfied, Happy other tangerineContinue reading “Not an apple,”

Poor excuse,

Live off the government, I hate poverty as much as Low rent government housing, Solution continue to work toward leaving poverty In Calmer Iowa at least the food bank give you enough food for survival, Four visits a month, Saturdays, Seventy five miles away, Every Tuesday you can get milk, Bread, Fruit and sometimes eggs,Continue reading “Poor excuse,”

Just like scavengers,

Never thought in America no jobs found, Disability is a croc, No not lesbian shoes, When I say Croc I mean pile of horse dung, Poopie, Companies say they hire everyone, But they mean not you with the cane, How jobsite ketch viewing attention, Those,me seeking work from home, Why because due to being struckContinue reading “Just like scavengers,”

Snow on the roof

Sixteen at heart, Passionate, Steadfast, Silent,cautious as hunter, Not a predator, Snow on roof, Pulsating heart, Jump Your motor, Good to go! Hear you purr, This ole wolf still motivating, Howling, Pacing myself, Waiting, Jack night walker,


Calling, When I thought I was two, I saw Mattie at her bulk foods, Love the Amish, For years I bought mom and me peaches, Shared with Ellen, My younger sister never got me, I share not out of duty, Not cause I’m required to, I share because if makes things better, Food tastes better,Continue reading “Peaches”

There is nothing dignitfied in needing to ask for food

Nothing! You doubt this live on 825 per month, I dare you! Independence Iowa Food bank believe they understand poverty! Not until they are poor will they get the adults having to go to people who have never Ever gone without! Like Oliver in Dickens tale “please Sir can I have some more?”

Not funny,

Not your concern, Financial is in layers, I satisfy my Marslow Need, My end result’s mine, When I say Im a published author and poet I get, Only on WordPress? No I say global! The work I put in weekly is like my carbon footprint, My end reflects my mean. I was fritizied yesterday byContinue reading “Not funny,”

Flipper, Oh Flipper

Tools used most in a kitchen, Like SOP, All us individuals who wore military US green knows SOP, SOP like ASAP, I love spoons, Eating with as much as enveloping near, Hugging you know, Sometimes carry my own beat up, Loved spoon, As much as the spoon spaculas! Allows me Norweign,Deutsch,Yiddish,Welsh all good stuff fromContinue reading “Flipper, Oh Flipper”