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Sign of the times

Guess no one cares! I make it a point to stay clear of fried foods, New drive in in Oelwein,Iowa, Called Fries foods, Will not find healthy on menu, Just friend foods, Are we this kind of people once more, No one cares, Eat and drop! Where are the bleeding hearts warning against ‘Fried Foods!_

Bucket of milk

For two months quart of milk, Not milk milk but milk for those that can’t drink milk, Stood on my first shelf in my fridge, At one time there were two, Gave one to the cats outside without homes, That was not a big success, It was sort of like the old Lays potato chip’sContinue reading “Bucket of milk”

Sleepie Head

Wow I was warn out, Saw a marvelous, True, sensational, Movie at my little sister’s last night, It was gay, Tremendous, From the eighties Kinky , That’s right I saw ‘Kinky Boots,’ From Jolly ole England, America would would have never backed a young man simply trying to save his family business, Or the storyContinue reading “Sleepie Head”


Words that sound the same are amusing unless in a spelling test, Today the twenty-first of December started at one below zero got to fourteen above trust me at sixty-four cold is cold, I heard the other day from Penny there is still a Maid Right hamburger joint in Waterloo,Iowa, Those are in Andy GriffithContinue reading “Hi,high,”

Spiral Ham

Not the ham lover my sister Ellen was, Trying to honor my Yiddish grandmother, Christians think all humanity EVERYWHERE follow their edicts, So even at non secular food banks they only give out Ham or turkey, Not hitting you the turkey would have put any Jack Cratchet from Charles Dickens ‘The Christmas Carol ‘, toContinue reading “Spiral Ham”

Seven or nearly sixty-five

Three months and twenty days, I’m never going to be one of those old ladies, Died twice in two fourteen, I had no choice in returning or not, But I will next time, My youngest nephews all I got, That’s right no family! Two years since Ellen’s memorial, I need to do what needs toContinue reading “Seven or nearly sixty-five”

Squirrels Rock

Pity those humans that build on cliffs in California homes don’t wat h squirrels, Today in Quasqueton, Iowa the strange Fifty miles per hour winds playing havoc with the tree top home’s of little grey and brown Iowan’s, From my office bedroom I watch, A squirrels crib tucked enveloped on a tight little groove secureContinue reading “Squirrels Rock”

Snapping turtle

Chester ate a non cat food, Chester worked and worked to dialog the bit of whatever(bread), I try to jump on and help, Nearly lost a finger, Snap,snap, Snapping turtle, Then it was out, I was so thankful,