How many times?

Just how many times have you thought Gee I’m sure glad I heard that story on NPR? That’s what Val’ Whitewolf Media does, I tell stories by reading peoples books and qualitive and quanitative documentations. Just now with ten other books I’m reading Voyage and other writings of Washington Irving Copywrite 1891. I also share experiences and tragedies.

Many comments give me great satisfaction while I’m learning to be a better writer and build my condidence lost being falsely accused of Elder Abuse and being below poverty so without a voice or advocate to fight my accusers.

I hate the notion that the meek inherit the earth.This meek writer wants justice for all LGBTQ exploited innocent family members who like I did lived at home while a full time student and assisted my mom.

I love the Walton’s Homecoming makes me cry long for home whether I view it ot hear it on the radio. I have bern seeking radio jobs in Montena.Funny if I did what I spent 20 hours a day doing it on a radio not working for me that feels like people would then see what I did was for a purpose.

Not everyone are book readers.I read out loud and sometimes that as scary as being the reserver of the lies I beat my mom and with held food from my best friend my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike.

Trust is hard to come by once hurt but Im working on that.My mom always said she might forget but never firgive.I have no forgiveness in my heart.

I will forever being stripped of my family by lies of make believe followers of Christianity.

In 2012 Sept.3rd I was sitting my first college class at Luther College in Psychology with Dr.Deb Fordice.An older half sister after her fifth husband of a year divorced her she told Iowa Himan Service that our mom was an invalid.First lie.

Two men snuck into our back door valling Mary,Mary.See they had been lead to believe I left mom for hours at a time without food, water or a phone. Funny thing I paid phone bill,cable and internet.Mom cooked, drove played bridge was secretary of the VFW.Shopped drove cross state to see her only sister in Spencer Iowa.Mom was Not an invalid and she was Never abused in anyway by me plus Marian is not Mary.

Mom got the mail.Made her bed did laundry assisted in cooking.I had no voice.My writing is my voice.Im still some shy.I no longer allow others to stampede across me. Its like we in the Heikes house hold in Waukon Iowa after living at 405 2nd st ne Waukon,Iowa 52172 since 1992 left the back door opened.Sept.3rd was the last of that stupidity. Our door in the back of the house locked the door until it no longer locked. Walnut full garbage can started replacing the lock that no longer worked.

My mom suffered from horrible shoulder artritis. Mom was at No time an invalid except for in painted verbal lies of her eldest daughter. After a year of harrassing mom, Marian Heike over the phone seventy times a week, ten times a day to move to Granbury Texas. Every day mom said No she did not want to leave Iowa or her home or family.

Everyday those ten No’s fell on unhearing ears.This evidence still exists its not made up or believed in someones imagination! Businesses maintain customer documentaion for ten years.Hotels,resorts, lawyers, telephone companies.

Dad Dr.L.N.Heike died in 2012. My nephew Robert John Cook and neice Julie not even for mom could they stop work and come to be with their grandma for dads memorial.A man mom and I suffered through.Dad was an alcoholic. Yet my older half sister made mom feel bad that it had been a year sonce her children had seen mom.Woukd not mom drive with her for a two week stay so mom could see the ingrates!

Mom said for two weeks. Mom trust blindly. Another organization that keeps records but whom Iowa Human Services COULD NOT BE BOTHRR TO CHECK INTO the airport mom at eighty seven after three months mom finally persuaded Robbie to take her to the air port so alone the presumed just one year ago was an INVALID could fly home Alone!!!

Marian left alone, without telephone or TV in a house not hers she was left while Diana took a job selling tickets at the Grannury Opera house for twenty hours a week. As a full time penniless gay daughter Diana’s lying and hovering then Gaslighting got the attention. No one cared none of her words even held water!

2014 with the same exact lies it was as if the Iowa Human Service Dept. Were completely brain dead this woman barged her way into mom and my home, stood to to toe with a woman she saw was Not an invalid.Mom had been getting reading,alone in the bathroom we were going to see my great niece Mela. My mom stood up to her and said ‘This is Not Soviet Russia you have No business in our home!’

Denise Headington said it had been reported you are being starved and beaten! Mom says do I look like I’m being beaten and not fed,I’m not a cripple.I have an idenic memory. Meaning I recal words and moments. Then mom had me show the thing out! In October after Diana’s annual visit to harrass and bully mom fell.

Before Diana’s tirade ended that visit she removed the latch I had placed on the front door. Went into the best woman in the world my now ninty-one year old mom I have not been able to talk to mom since May of 2018. October 2014 Diana stuck her fist in moms face.Not even my verbally abusive dad EVER did that as she preceeded to threaten mom,Marian D.Heike with these exact words ‘You have NOTHING of value, You have no RIGHT to lock ANYDOORS!’

It was the 2014 visit that Diana took home mom’s note book given to mom by my oldest nephew in 2013. It was December after three months the two week stay ended just time enough fir christmas Texas style.Robbie had got mom and his mom one. Diana took moms home with her. Upon arriving at her home she called mom to tell her I had removed the note pads IP address and the games and placed porn on it.

In 2014, after the October visit and the slander of a history major distroying mom’s notebook of 2013. I never harmed moms note pad or placed porn on it.

Mom fell by the fancy walker Diana decided mom just had to have. So by Thanksgiving 2014 mom was still sleeping in the den with me on the floor. I got mom up her potty chair thatbwe had inherited was in the den mom was not strong enough to sleep in her own room yet so she had been sleeping in the den. Mom fell back. We went to the hospital mom was fine we went home. Diana had called to talk to moms doctor to stop mom from returning to her home.

The next day a Dawn woman we demanding to see mom from the same crappy Iowa Human Service Dept. She ordered mom to get ul and walk around.Mom told her ‘I am not a trained monkey and I do nothing on command!

In 2011 with dads hacksaw that hung in the stairwell after a visit we found our just that year our life warrantee new faucett broke off in my hand. Surprise surprise just like Gomer Plye use to say Manards do not replace new faucetts hacksawed off. In 2013 after two years as a cripple from surviving a ninety-three year old man’s car hitting me on my ten speed I’m lame. For two years I carried containers of water from the bathroom to kitchen to cook and wash.

In 2013 during the visit to force mom to move to Texas to live with her Diana fixed the faucett of which mom got the bill.

In Granbury Texas where my half sister lives her windows have bars on them. But in Iowa with more illigals in Allamakee County then ever in my lifetime we at 405 2nd street n.e.were NOT allowed to lock our doors! Why because the real tormenter in the Heike family humiliated mom into not allowing me to lock the front door.

That not locked front door gave the real abuser access the night after Father Jim came and spoke to mom and me on how we can keep mom same from her eldest daughter. Hate crimes exist not always are gay children allowed to be beaten and to die. After a set fire NO ONE EVER INVESTIGATED! A fire with five smoke alarms that only one the one in the basement had a battery.

Funny if it were not so sad and just a mere plot written out if Janet Evanovich or Mary Higgens Clarks imagination the fear and terror mom and I lived through at the hands of a real monsters hands this is a million dollar story piety its not fiction.

My mom never hurt a fly in her life. As an empath too unlike her eldest daughter the woman divorced five times by five men some who saw the error they made in four months to a year. Another place records are kepts on file is divorce records per state.

The night after Father Jim who had been the rector at Saint Patricks Catholic Church in Waukon Iowa another note taker on December third at 1003pm a fire that at eight p.m. was not smellable or visible when I went to the bathroom at eight P.M. had taken literally out the laundry room.Dad’s empty gun cabinet, empty because in October I had moved all dad’s rifles to the front room. A room mom and I did not use. Mom’s closed bedroom door.Fire tried to go out the unclosed front door. Moms cat did not die do to smoke.Mom’s cat always first out any opened door.

I at 1003 found the fire going up the green shag carpet upstairs. Diana knew the front door was unlocked and that mom was sleeping in the den.

I literally died twice from burnt lungs.

We in the Heike house hold only need to be surprised with strangers who walk right by the front door to the back because my half sister told them just go right in. I learned January 2015 my half sister had falsely accused me of Elder Abuse . My sister told me mom had told her that if my half sister ever did that again mom would remove her from mom’s will.

After many forms of harrassment and a fire in the electric drier narcississistic half sister ripped our mom from her Iowa home. It took a year of Gaslighting to force mom with lies to remove me from the will mom had told my blood sister mom had planned to do that to my half sister.

June 2014 Diana had once again sent Iowa Human Service lady named Denise Headington with the exact same lies.According to Franic Phillips of Hope University in Liverpool Marian(mom) was never removed from her home in Waukon Iowa because it was nothing but hot air lies.

Diana won and the truth and mom and I suffered. My half sister took mom and my entire family shes seventy one soon she will be lying in a nursing home and people will see a whole different person then I recall.The last time white trash spoke to me she told me my story didn’t mattrr NO ONE CARES!

I will always lock doors never have an electric drier which causes only 2% of laundry room fires. Financial Abuse is predominate among family members that see our loved elderly as a source of revenue so they no longer have to wonder how they will ever make due. I only have to be kicked so many times before I …

See I’m not the weak person my half sister imagined me to be, like Harry Potter I lived through the loss of all those I loved more then life.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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