Yellow Roadster

Back when cruising was a thing, This then boy loved that then girl, Decades later love still flourishes, Babies,diapers,fights, Make ups,love,rushes by, Taken in, in instance Still. Cruising, Zooming here, Zooming there, When zoom ment to go, Now zoom is chatting a distance away, Like TV now zoom, Still boy and girl, Yellow cruiser parked,Continue reading “Yellow Roadster”

I found her,

Left her I thought, Upon some books, Dug through the pile not once but thrice, No,no,no I cried where are you! Cats are always smarty pants, I ask the cats they looked from one to another, I feel they think ‘Search me!” I would you know, Iowa is over run with the flying demons, ThenContinue reading “I found her,”

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