Firpeople feel Firpeople understand Maybe not language Firpeople have their own linquist Its the feel behind the words My damaged cat once.again peed Under three closet doors Has poohed and peed buckets since Aoril 2015 I curse his existance no more then.the.foul human who mistreated him I get spitting mad at him Where does heContinue reading “Intonation”


Waits like that one sock hides Hate lies Hate dormant waits Like a pot to be stirred We are seeing history repeat Those of us meek Meek tucked away Hide and seek Hate wielded like unwanted feen Meek Innocent go first I did No one seeks others Meek will do Coward sits Big white homeContinue reading “Hate”

NEED- Another 4 letter word

What is it about thus word that compounds my anxiety well people who know that for two months I have been without a vehical will ask and though it is not said it is felt. Whine, they talk I look figurtively above their heads like I’m flirting because I heard the word NEED the restContinue reading “NEED- Another 4 letter word”