Three sisters,

Alice,Irene and Beulah, Beulah a waitress and dig lover, Married late in life, A bull dog of a man, Some people look like turtles, Some cats, And yes some dogs, See I”m a Empathy,poet,cartoonist, Beulah,Alice and Irene the Brainard sisters, Beulah married a Bower, All artist, Loved them all, Drove for them, Alice and IreneContinue reading “Three sisters,”

For three weeks I searched

They say things are always in last place searched I disagree, My things are last place I put them, Usually in a safe place, A place I will have no problem recalling, However alas I even searched my book cases, I moved twenty time a white plastic bag, Knowing it was not my stuff, KnowingContinue reading “For three weeks I searched”

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