Sometimes I’m really tempted to slap people.People sometimes tend to shut off blood supply to their brains.I had mentioned a friend was going to go to the food bank and collect for me flour and surgar. Friend: Val that us stupid their cheap at the groccery store or Wal-Mart. First of all its been eightContinue reading “Flour”

Going to Walmart with a friend

Getting there yesterday in a car without air conditioning is like traveling without air. Pat was speeding along to a road. She No idea where it was. Love Goggle saved me everytime I was lost.Wished it was available when I drove for Dominoes in Luray,VA. Most houses No address or houss number. Everyone in PageContinue reading “Going to Walmart with a friend”

Walmart credit card

Hello, My Walmart credit card was fir $300. Silly me I thought cool raing day money.Last time I thought that was a bank account with saved seed money in it my then roommate borrowed out of me for a pal to buy pot then smoked in my cats faces because she thought it was funny.Continue reading “Walmart credit card”