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See people as special, Its not what they can, Or what they cannot do for you that matters, Families useful being family, Families a big ass job, If you are the cars taker, Caring for family, Step up, Offer some of your time, Be a friend, Be a pal, Show they matter, Friend ir family,Continue reading “Family”


What are we worth?

Asians and Native Americans and Spanards value the old, I have worth, I know my cognitive processes are keen, So why do I feel American workforce only value workers that do jobs undervalued? If most jobs working from your home with you as a private contractor, Paying all your bills,lights,food,insurance some pay $18-21, But notContinue reading “What are we worth?”


In Iowa fields too get mowed, Yesterday my lawn was chopped, Homes with cut grass looks cooler, Feel cooler, Gosh I love cut grass, Miss fall, Miss breathing, Funny huh we always give up something for something. I always wanted to be that woman with children, Grandkids and lots of animals, Susters that loved meContinue reading “Mowed”