Poor meals,

Poor Americans, Foolish assumptions, Families eat three meals, For breakfast I had tea and two slices of toast, Snacking now three fifteen pm, Four pieces fake cheese, Supper popcorn or peanuts, This is the middle of the month, Entrepreneur’s starve like American poor, There are services I could perform, But to whom and where, StarvingContinue reading “Poor meals,”


https://youtube.com/shorts/PwN864Vpuco?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/YaX47anW9qM?feature=share Math disability is a real thing,it’s the reason most students fail out . No one heard me when I said this is math disability. https://valwhitewolfmedia.wordpress.com/2021/10/06/mad-skills/

Great concept

Heard last night before shutting off, Sleep causes me to tune out, Turn off, Slip away, I have a friend in a bad way, People Never really know you, Never understand why they refuse to comprehend, My time is utilized until the sandman creeps in, Doesn’t mean I waste my time, Not accomplishing, Or writingContinue reading “Great concept”

Chapters of books read in Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowling,all read by me Val’s Whitewolf Media

Chapter 1a, https://youtu.be/FBRzf64-4Ow Chapter 5b,Prisoner of Azkaban, https://youtu.be/jkdFetm0b2U Chapter 19c,Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, https://youtu.be/f_GDkoRreIc Chapter 5c,,Soccer’s Stone, https://youtu.be/gnNNA1hSOKE End of Chapter 14,Sorceror’s Stone, https://youtu.be/8NV6RBu5rW8 Last of Chapter 3,Half Blood Prince, https://youtu.be/zmX2IlTpNxk Chapter 10d, Half Blood Prince, https://youtu.be/QrBDOdXZte8 Chapter 23a,Half Blood Prince, https://youtu.be/w_9os3fBnV0 End of the Chamber if Secrets, https://youtu.be/2sQ2QV7swKw Chapter 9e, Half BloodContinue reading “Chapters of books read in Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowling,all read by me Val’s Whitewolf Media”

Home business (mine)

I have found when I say I work all day first works or thoughts come to mine for people is where you have no transportation? Then you I feel bombarted with ‘for whom?” I’m a service business after an empath. Then and even though I see it as an improper question other-people want to knowContinue reading “Home business (mine)”

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