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Two friends histories

Relatives a friend and my history. Nonie:Luckily Paul still does that, the poop patrol. Sons and their families are OK as far as I know. One of my d-i-l’s birthday was yesterday, yes Valentines day. I’m happy that we are going up to Wisconsin Saturday to have her birthday party. They will order something forContinue reading “Two friends histories”

Stilled pain

Cognitive shut off, Blistfull release, Quiet storm pain tucked away, Severe craps by thigh left side, Struck twice, Once at eighteen by car on horse, Second time at fifty by car walking ten speed, Jam six shell calcium in and swallow, My go to pain inhibitor, Marjon journey terrific exciting music, Pain vanished, Brain overContinue reading “Stilled pain”

Turkey dance my love

I miss being two, Driving around cemetaries, Aurora s really historic cemetary, Two male turkeys live across road, We when I was two, This spring stopped there, It was a potty stop, Everytime I’m out, Memories made, I try to sell peoples worth, Sharing the value of memories, I drive into cemetary, Sweet old church,Continue reading “Turkey dance my love”

Two children books

Llama,Llama red pajama by Anna Dewdney: Duck on a Bike by David Shannon:

Tee Pee, Or not TP!

That is a darn good question! Get a ticket, Need to Pee, Men since beginning of time p, Yellow snow just every which way! No line, no weight, wait, Ladies I know got to go, No trees, Can not pee outside, But P we must,some rest areas, No TP, No mask. Snow unshoveled, Clover, MustContinue reading “Tee Pee, Or not TP!”