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How do good people survive?

My shed, First I loaned it to a friend, I was told her husband woukd pay me $50/ month, I got nothing, Then the land lord brought them their own shed, Then my gal had stuff in it, Then the gal and most of her stuff went south, Then the straight christian neighbor had noContinue reading “How do good people survive?”

Lays Potato Chips

Early morning, Before supper, Loading a video, I watch and wait, Sometimes I share with FaceBook, Sometimes I share with Twitter, Sometimes I share with both, Sometimes I award a virtual hug from the gay Empath Poet I am, Sometimes I just write Iowan Poet, Morning or evening I say to myself just one more,Continue reading “Lays Potato Chips”


I see me, That’s what I believe a profile is, Me seeing me, Sharing my good attributes, Generous, Good hearted, Honest not a user, I rarely share : Used, Abused, Victim, PTSD, I share Empath,Writer,Scholar, Just read a profile stating a woman was Bi Polar, That’s not an attribute, I also trust no one withoutContinue reading “Profiles”

Color the world

Funny today a Bitcoin Clip I put up on TikTok was pulled, Reason I used music I didn’t! I see many TicToc videos daily, Things are heard before seen, Few use their original music, Then I also showed a healing wound Mine, I was told it was told it was pulled because it was graphic!Continue reading “Color the world”

Cat lover taught

TikTok, Tick Tock, Take an old tooth or new brush, Wet it, Makes terrific brush for car family, Its said it feels like mom brush with her tongue, Though that is puzzling, Were the people told by meow’s? I would have said it stimulates memory of ones cat mom, I found it a great idea,Continue reading “Cat lover taught”