Say thankyou!

I can do neighborly better then most, I know what it is to have no transportation, I know sometimes it sucks to ask will you take me to town, Growing ups tough, Being gay and not getting it, I recall thinking things amusing, Looking back I see things less amusing, At times in my youthContinue reading “Say thankyou!”


There use to be an old joke, Or is it Jape, Which way did they go, How many were there, I have to find them I’m their leader! Thankyou all who follow me, When I started to write here I was in college, I had retuned to it at fifty , In two o fiveContinue reading “Followers”

Sitting in Awe!

Several times a day, Other watch the news, Impeachment takes viewers, I rise my screen, Courious me, Poet you know, Want yo see if anyone got my thought, Smile, Think Awe! Wow, Firework exploid deep in my spirit! See this is it, It that defines me best, The link that connects, Poets,writers,historians, You and me,Continue reading “Sitting in Awe!”

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