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Flashing light

Star bright, Twinkling light, Clinking left, Clicking right, Is it a fuse out that stops the sound, The sound is gone, The flashing green is nit fast, The radio light is dark, Is that too also a fuse, Looking at the car book just makes me feel dumb. Oh joy heats come on, First tomeContinue reading “Flashing light”

Sonny n Cher

Beat goes on! And the beat goes on! Listers might see only a tune, A poet hears a poem, And the beat goes on like a beat counter, Imagine if you will a piano, Upon that piano sets a triangle beat counter, Ticking, clicking,counting, Two/ four, Two/eights, Beat mattera to some, Rhymes mater not, AccordingContinue reading “Sonny n Cher”