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What’s worse?

My Black cat Mr.Black pooping on a pillow, It was my fault I incarcerated him last night, The doggie hand me.down kitty kennel makes terrific cat B&B, Except no one gets out with door shut and cage by wall, Its cold in our metal tube, Even today tall walnut trees will not stop swaying, ToContinue reading “What’s worse?”

Scams smell

Think with second brain, Of late there was this person, Male/ female I never knew, Suppose US Military, That is usually scammer SOP, Standard Operating Policy, Figuring as Americans we are more carrying for those serving, Nice ploy they are also a lesbian, Well this ok let us say predisposed lesbian, Jibber Jabbers every nowContinue reading “Scams smell”

Broken glass

Minor thing, Break wind sure it smells, Mirror cracked like cracked bone, Not so much, Cracked bone takes long to heal, Might as well her busted, Broke mirror adorned with honor Devestated curse, Old wives tale, Seven years bad luck, Whose the fool, We make our own luck! Broke or cracked, Replace the glass, MoveContinue reading “Broken glass”

Smells{part 1}

People are gone, Memories linked, Time and place, Closing my eyes, Taken back to the days, Christmas had meaning, All night befire Christmas, House was made ready, Pine tree scent filled the front room, Years gone dads brush trees, Cut and brought in, No aroma of Pine, Smelt of deer piss and the color brown,Continue reading “Smells{part 1}”