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Missing black phone

Very cold, Burr! Open one door, Front, Back, Screw around, Was laying flat, On its back, Passengers side floor, Wish it was with me in Post office, Wanted to mail books and paper work to Georgia, Will do today if not tomorrow, Just now Temperatures up, Up to zero,

No message,

Phones have a nerve, I got two smartphones, An ex-professor once said, Computers are only as Bright as operator, So very true, I had to call my other smart phone just now, It was on the bed of course, The other smartphone As if beside itself with worry, Continued to demand I leave a message,Continue reading “No message,”



We in Iowa see things in comparison, Like Foap and Shutterfly, Two companies allow you to profit off your photos, Foap runs contest, Youhave to grade other peoples photos, Through grading you earn money not real, Its the fake money that allows photographer to enter Foap’s contest, The contests are add promos, The ad ptomosContinue reading “Difference”