Honesty and my mom

A person’s honor use to be attached to our name like Peter Pan’s shadow. Our word was honor bound like a invisible contract. With false words Marian Heike’s honor was erased. My older half sister told in writting which according to Fran Phillips from Liverpool England was a legal binding document placed in the handsContinue reading “Honesty and my mom”

Age does not make people smarter

Like with everything intelligent is arrived at from being studious. I read fifteen books at the same time.Every now and then I learn a thing or two.Age makes.me as courious as a youth. Bullies as a kid hangs on to adulthood made me chickenshit lack of courage in some instances. I will be sixty twoContinue reading “Age does not make people smarter”

Nothing like a big eyed girl

that old saying pick us do we not bleed!