Once knew a fellow

Once had a friend named Micheal, Salt if the earth he was, Micheal Hood hailed from Winchester,Virginia, No better friend I have ever known, Micheal placed friendship high on his list of value, I recal two thousand and two, Hours were short, Skyland Lodge more mine then others, Sane sexual Harrassment suffered I, Fir justContinue reading “Once knew a fellow”

Tinged with color

Much to early Sumac’s colored,leaves fell, Top of tithering heights, Patches of color sits, September has come, Dampness moisture laiden’s my windshield, Fight stupid Motorola’s spell check for each word, Nothing impedes Fall, Color shall peak, Sooner then October, Mayhaps, Miss the colors of my northern Wisconsin, Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, Hilda at Skyland lodgesContinue reading “Tinged with color”

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