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Remember Horrible Smells

They exist, Still obtrussive, Annoying, I still recall a smell from when eleven, A while back, Tomorrow will be fifty-three years ago, I never forget significant puking, All from strolling home, Past Ann Ryan’s grandma’s home, Puke mine,yours,families, Still allow me the uncomfortable feelings of pre-puke, Sensitive smell and feelings, I’m sure I’m not theContinue reading “Remember Horrible Smells”


When their wrong

Tonight I told someone I was hurt by her opinion, There was no I’m sorry, Through the phone, One she said, ‘Oh Val you miss understood!’ ‘That’s not what I said!’ Then the one where I was wrong, ‘Val your too sensitive!’ Never I’m sorry, Just I miss understood, I’m so glad we never dated!Continue reading “When their wrong”