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Hot Apple cyder

Today waiting the third, On mental list, Jug or two, Apple cyder, Hot plate next door, Like tonight’s noodles, Will heat in electric tea pot, Noodles not best through they cooked, Had to stick my hand in deep, Lifting out noodles stuck inter wire thing, Those that poured out crooked lay in my sink, TooContinue reading “Hot Apple cyder”



In Iowa fields too get mowed, Yesterday my lawn was chopped, Homes with cut grass looks cooler, Feel cooler, Gosh I love cut grass, Miss fall, Miss breathing, Funny huh we always give up something for something. I always wanted to be that woman with children, Grandkids and lots of animals, Susters that loved meContinue reading “Mowed”

Iowa winter cold

Stakes out a spot, Chilly, white, pristine, Nocember leaves fall, Air crisp and britle smells leaves, Dry,leaves smelt makes a fall memory, January few years back two dats in seventies, How odd!, How delightful! Global warming not freak of nature! February two eighteen, Winter cur like ice! Sixty below zero before feels like, Beforw windContinue reading “Iowa winter cold”

Smells like

Fall in the air Fall smells leafy and restful Spring buds pop Spring smells fresh in March first sounds Pitter patter droplets tumble Kissing gentle limbs recalling foliage April wildflowers in Iowa rise Golden slippers , Dutchman breeches New England asters,Lillies of the valley Some just lovely some lovely and Deadly Peonies,daisys, Iowa Irish farmerContinue reading “Smells like”

Watch “Skyland lodge up from Luray VA -1” on YouTube

Worked 3 seasons for Aramark a company that values foreign workers that work vie contracts from outside America.