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Chapter 2-10,A tale of Magic, book 1,Chris Colfer

Halloween,magic, children,family Chapter 2a, Chapter 2b, Chapter 3a, Chapter 3b, Chapter 3c, Chapter 4, Chapter 5a, Chapter 5b, Chapter 5c, Chapter 6a, Chapter 6b, Chapter 7a, Chater 7b, Chapter 7c, Review: Chapter 8a, Chapter 8b, Chapter 8c, reading “Chapter 2-10,A tale of Magic, book 1,Chris Colfer”


Why do no one get its a thing

I’m a writer its a thing! Diary and journal writer since eleven Wrote and poet since 1985 Published When I seek employment I seek my skills Not a nurse Not a truck driver Great with all animals I write and read Its a thing No one heard of the play write Shakespear until he wroteContinue reading “Why do no one get its a thing”

End of Chapter 7,The Cat, The Quilt,and the Corpse

Murder,Mystery,Cats Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Where are the lesbians, its football seasons?

In my head I hear the gay old tune from Auntie Mame gone crazy called Mame!’ You know the one for Christmas but Im thinking Green Bay Packers! Bring down the holly, make it green and gold,Green and gold!’ Where Oh where are the lesbians! Why do I have to scope them out on lineContinue reading “Where are the lesbians, its football seasons?”

Watch “Potty mouths leaving comments for Youtube content providers!” on YouTube

Watch “Private file and Youtube updating and Error network 400” on YouTube

Youtube Content providers information is like life sharing it makes life better.

Do you ever find things are priceless when other see no value in things?

What I do might be looked at as volunteering to read due to the fact I read but gain no monitary value just now. I bet Guttenberg when building the first printing ptess was smirked at. People for a century or more copied books by hand and here’s a dude attempting to build a machineContinue reading “Do you ever find things are priceless when other see no value in things?”