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To some,

YouTube is a place to post horrid or porn comments, YouTube to be is a business, Something to give my life meaning, Something that keeps me breathing, Gives me work, Purpose I’m not wasting time, I’m serving a niche, Not much call for empath thats a poet, But I can share books of my peers,Continue reading “To some,”


Piece of a heart

Hello I seek home No kill animal shelter northern Wisconsin or Minnesota. Where animals need voice and live of someone that values them sight unseen. I cared for animals all my life . I excel at caring for others.I know what it is to be used then thrown out , left by the side ifContinue reading “Piece of a heart”

Wanted to teach

Opening a door by sharing books I love allows me to feel of use. If I can show at least one person the love of the written word and their stories history Reach one person or one abandoned animal maybe I will seemy lide was not in vain. Looked at selling Shakely today. I don’tContinue reading “Wanted to teach”