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First thing

Val you probably won’t understand, First words from Florida friend, I’m thinking, Goodbye! She continues, I stopped hearing her, preceded to say,ok,yes, She asks when will you go to sleep, Its quarter to twelve, I wanted to rise again at four, Hard to rise early when your hours of rest are less important then aContinue reading “First thing”

Accidently got plain Greek Yogurt

Did a dad, My dad Dr.Leon Norbert Heike of Waukon,Iowa, Saw red color on the side, Yep,thought strawberry, Yes, I had at least eight or nine bites before, Before you got it dawned on my two things, Any clues? 1. Wasn’t nasty, 2. Wasn’t red, You can laugh I laugh recalling, Then I read lable,Continue reading “Accidently got plain Greek Yogurt”

I Rise,

Never try to put off, Celia in Florida calls sleeping pass one sleeping in, I Call wasting all day wrong, When dead is time to waste, I rise after four hours sleep, If after I eat am tuckered I nap, I’m.sixry-three pains mine, Who I am is me, It’s not others call, Should I dieContinue reading “I Rise,”

Cats know!

Moms are moms, In time theysee moms as friends, Why can human moms mature with us, My mom my best friend, Not purrfect! Refuse to see my half sisters abuse, Suffered, Died trapped she imagines, What Gaslighter allowed her to believe! Sevrnty three if monster narcississ still lives, Her son she had not talked toContinue reading “Cats know!”