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Sat a week,

Postville,IA neighbors Rock, Not here, Some, But few, The neighbor I have fed, Bought food for, Upon four occasions loaned my car, Refused her on Saturday, Did not phase her, Like a pint pong ball she asked to use it on the first, I had told her oils getting bad, No one, Not a soul,Continue reading “Sat a week,”


How to loose a friend?

A friend you loved, Cared, Spent time with, Sought to spent time with, Introduce her to the woman you are you think in loved with, When after a few weeks the women you loved leaves, You want to talk to your oldest friend, To them the new friendship matters more, The friend doesn’t care thatContinue reading “How to loose a friend?”

Laura’s Eyes

Laura’s Eyes hold time, Laura and Pat just drove bye I looked into Laura’s eyes Sweet Sensative Intellectual An Iowan A retired artist A farmers wife I asked how are you as I handed her and Pat a bag of Schwan’s cinnemon rolls. Laura said doing better Her daughter and law threatened mildly if sheContinue reading “Laura’s Eyes”