Now I can read, but first…

Breath Rise Write Sometimes burning passionate gut filled emotions take over You know what then? I write Write Write Like a picalo in a Brahms song Spelt wrong I’m sure Just Val having a bad Spell If life was a linear process and breathing was one thing Sex with a lady I love Sitting onContinue reading “Now I can read, but first…”

Stand still

Bend with the wind Feathers ruffle Waves roll along And waves roll along Empty Alone missing the soft skin Lips brushing mine Waves roll rippling breeze And waves roll by Alone has no location Culdron simmers Fairy Wicca Nature’s way Time ownes seasons Even time is never alone Feel of another’s palm Cuddling by aContinue reading “Stand still”

Felt the heart

Many books stir me The Art of Racing in the rain Garth Stein tatooed Memory already scared The hatred vie lies Bleed from loss of all I lost just from being the good person My mom made me to be Mike Rohr told me January 2015 No one can charge an innocent Person with ElderContinue reading “Felt the heart”


Spelt Woman Spoke this afternoon Cancer victim Facing the world Face forward Gung ho! Faking fierless Not as tough as she thinks Cancers a Son of a bitch Took her family Survival of the fearless Windy City fighter Bear Inner strength Name given Jennifer Sex female My community Full of character Lost (Aunt Wava, UncleContinue reading “Courage”

Lonliness interfears

Shattering my peace Sleep Missing my family Comment my half sister Like a toxic viper Still stricks out Funny she convienced herself No one has the right to tell family secrets if they poke at her lies I want my sister I want my mom My baby nephews Sleep I can push past Lonliness LikeContinue reading “Lonliness interfears”

Animals people and firbabies

Kicked voice words Breathing comes with sobs Bloody alone lies of hate Lonely bruise beat Dirty soil buried deep Bloody Fir and skin Writer and black cat Once loved Then tool Person bully skips away happy Blood on her hands Cat and writer Left to die Shallow grave Unmarked Dust Forgotten Abuser escapes Others dieContinue reading “Animals people and firbabies”

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