Age brings

Intellect, Stamina, Fortitude, Things that get Entrpreneurs up! Hunger, Some are hungry all our lives, Ithers view us as easy, Prey, I am not a victim, I was a victim! Believed others would help me stand! I learned through tears And loss, You stand! Thats all that matters, You work for a better life, FindContinue reading “Age brings”

Grasping at a star

Some never shoot for stars, See the forest for trees, Know that the blue spruce in northern Wisconsin are refered to as… The Blue Hills, Some are stuck with old concepts, Thoughts instilled by others, People can be reflectors, Of people before them, Dreams die, Others dreams were never meant to be yours, Touch aContinue reading “Grasping at a star”

Not text generation

Poet through and through, When hurting, Only want tea, See people eye to eye, Of you read me only for grammer don’t waste your time, I care nothing for perfection. I care about sharing my day, YouTube or WordPress, If I love you my love is the best kind of perfection , Pure, Innocent, True,Continue reading “Not text generation”


Truth seen backwards, Wonder if others when words spoke twist, Flip contence see what was really said, Or not even hinted at, Are people so scared truth hides under socks, Play times over when bleed, Life plans, Wedding clothes, A moment, Two months plan, Brought her to my home, Drove after seriously ill, I wasContinue reading “Deadeye”

Textings not my cup of tea,

When texted and I respond not use to having a thumb nail, Letter on either side of one I sought jumps to volunteering to fill the chasm, Example:mot =not Some words might be missing vowels, Fun fact our brains are intelligent enough to decode what we feel unable to. Once loved a woman, Prided herselfContinue reading “Textings not my cup of tea,”

Through the year with Tennyson(used his writtings with calender days)

Boston Publishering firm:Dewolf & Fiske & Co. January, February, March, April, May: June : July – August (a) August (b) September (a), (b) October November: December:


You never know When someone is near, When years alone, Conversations you and your cats, Conversations are quiet, Answers are well thought out, I talk to me, Trying to figure ourt how to proceed, Just because your talking doesn’t mean its to somene, Sometimes my best thinking’s to me, I’m not being rude, If IContinue reading “Mummble”


I have many times survived rudeness, Its in amany respects harder to deal with them death, Rudeness is worst then the strongest weed, Stubburn in eaness is rudeness, Totay I was called a, A , well my mom though gone woud wish I inferred to the horrid word commented to me. The inferred word spelledContinue reading “Rudeness”