Words of advice

Love, Love long, Love Loud! Love well, Love true, Give openly, Trust sun will always fill the sky, Your worth does not coincide with anyone in or out of your space. Love hard, Love long, Others harsh ends are of their makings not yours, Never worry she will break your heart, Aways know one yourContinue reading “Words of advice”

Garage saling

Not been to one in years, I look for two things , Books to read then sell and Mugs. Some call garage sales Yard sale, Sometimes I think its the first time the young see the garage or yard, Gonna ketch a few Z’s then check out as.many as I can, Garage sales.usually close byContinue reading “Garage saling”

Feelings on No photo

On Facebook no Photo, No one at not I know male/female, Not interested in Friending most men, Not interested in spendig hours jibber/jabbering with them. No idea what theres to say to them, No clue what women want, When I’m awake I have task to perform, Ooing amd awings not my cup of tea! LikeContinue reading “Feelings on No photo”


Good year Ellen Beth Heike was born, Sixty-one would be great number for ice cream, Temperature sixteenth day of April, A Prince is laid to rest in England, Not Jolly today, We bid Farewell the a queens lonhest consort, A papa, To others a dad, Brother royal on both sides of his family, A grandfather,Continue reading “Sixty-One,”

Memories kept

Memories chosen, Memories saved, Was it real? Did I hold her?, Did we laugh, Spent a day with someone I thought a friend, Said she could not see our love, I thought our love was palpable, Tangable, Miss her voice, Miss the words, Miss hearing them, Miss saying them, Powerful, Warm, Momentous, Palpable, Ours. SomeContinue reading “Memories kept”

My heart misses her heart

Hugs are significat, Two hearts beats colliding, Gentle dry kisses, Tongue is not neccessary, Age near matters, Knowing who John Wayne, Bob Hope, Earnest T.Bass from Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Walt Disney, Tim Allen, Her hand in mine, We never saw her Gentleman Jack, We drove from Georgia twice, I showed her the wondersContinue reading “My heart misses her heart”

Almost home

Georgia after arrival, Unpack grant my girl assistance, Interferring family now wanting her to store her things not at their home! Do people ‘Even think!’ Do they comprehend? Took two days to pack, All alone she drove home, Now her things are not welcome where she was going to! No sleep last night! Just wantContinue reading “Almost home”

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