Central crappy heat,

Baseboard heat stupid idea, Heats the floor, Gets knee high drifts through window, Gone,gone,gone, Wood stove heats the metal of the range, The heat warms your food and water, Central air forces heat inti rooms without you, Then its done! Who the hell thought that up? My Sophie cat sits on a box, That shotContinue reading “Central crappy heat,”


No one understands books laying, My Sophie cat thinks books laying are steps, Precious thinks me playing cards on smartphone of no interest, Still Precious head needs to be in my face, What is it with butts, Sometimes the babies want to snuggle, Not with me but with the oldest female, Miss Emily will washContinue reading “Cats,”

Open two windows

For two seconds no noise, I figure all but Mr Black, My oldest cat, Just hanging by a window, Refurbish trailer means: Two screens, Two handing on for dear life, Only two windows openable, If the two that I open neither home beautiful will fight me for, One of I duck taped a fan in,Continue reading “Open two windows”

Time beckons

Bells chime, Five a.m., Lazy head still abed, Still unwed, Time beckons, Cool me on times a fleeting, No moss has tome to gather, North bound to a tree, Oldest cats hungry, Rise n go, Walmart’s prices are a rising too, Time to shove off! With hand’s cup I shout, ‘Goooooooo!’ Time beckons, Its onlyContinue reading “Time beckons”


Sounds a hundred year old bed pot makes, Crash, Chink, Blink, In the kitchen, A little hand me down table sits, Brassing my crappy unclosable cupboard closed, Upon a shelf underneath, Rest a bed pot, Mom bought at a sale long time ago, My youngest cat loathes it, So every now and then, From outContinue reading “Crash,chink,blink”

Training a cat

Wrong teaching, From own parent no help, One of dads favorite expressions’ you want me to give you a reason to cry!’ Squirting water snot helpful, Only one if my cats pushes my annoyance button, Everyone else awesome jumpers, If Sophie were human, Sophie would be the kid who thought curfews were for others, TryingContinue reading “Training a cat”

Two Geese

Driving to Independence, Iowa dot in the country, Saw two big birds fly over, Neck and neck we were, They looked over, We were eye ball to eye ball, It was awesome, It was amazing, It was a terrific sensation, It was a moment, It was a memory, Not carved in stone, Personal like, FromContinue reading “Two Geese”

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