Over a year

Not heard my moms voice How is it that in 2019 families lies cut deeper then the sharpest knives? Lies from 2010 Took my good name Gaslight my 87 year old mom to believe a half sisters lies My birthday present in 2016 My half sister assured my soon to be 92 year old momContinue reading “Over a year”


Control captures the heart of a narcississ. From youth humans are conditioned like rats in a maze. Ring that bell be directed to the left. See a hole, see body fall through human turns opposote direction. My half sister daughter of a man who beat our mom. When Lee Hartly(California) married Marian Bittenger(Spencer,Iowa) they movedContinue reading “Control”


It use to be thought wrong to force elderly from where they repeated 280 times a month “No I do not wish to move away from my home, family or Iowa to granbury Iowa.’ I learned from Diana Lee Dudley desires of her elderly Mother at 82 meant NOTHING! BRUTALLY TREATING our intellingent good heartedContinue reading “Relocation”

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