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Watched for second time tonight, Nerd here a DVD is more then a movie, DVD’s are best Blue Ray, Never watched a three D, Well that’s not correct, At Smithsonian I saw an IMAX, Truly not same as first one I saw, The Smithsonian was of the Galapagos? Island my friend Will fell asleep. TheContinue reading “Aquaman”


Love talking history, Today I wanted to talk about algorithms, On Amipor & Company on PBS, Midnight last, I caught the last words, The conversation had been about the internet, The talk could define Goggle’s advertising, As soon as you like, Or search for something, Bingo, Bammo they got your number, Linkedin sends me notes,Continue reading “Linkedin”

Canary in the coal mine

Yesterday’s PBS news Stokes professor Santa Babara evicted from her home Fire everywhere Nothing hotter then an intelligent woman Not once dumbing facts about fires Climate change predominate in Stokes dissertation Love PBS news Intellect rocks and rolls Leaving Americans informaned and knowledgeable about what’s what Yeah! Thank you Public Broadcasting!