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Laura Ingles

Prairie still, Desolate White like a black and white picture, This morning time stood still, No wagon pulled by horses, My great great grand parents came from PA and VA to settle in Iowa before it was a state, Humidity from air crusted wires and trees, Cristal’s covered every trig, Lovely and dangerous,

Same titles

Different casts, Have people never viewed reruns, Every couple years it seems, New NCIS is on the scene, Now the one with the fellow who was in Enterprise and Quantum Leap seems gone, NCIS in Hawaii is on the horizon, Saw an old NCIS on ION tonight, Good guy Honeycut from MASH played crooked oldContinue reading “Same titles”

Funny little girl

The little redhead that I’ve been working hard to save her life, Easier by far to give her a bath and Mr Black, Tonight is a stood at the sink ready in her bath, Eyes encrusted with a cold, Every morning I work hard to clear out it ick and they’re still infected I can’tContinue reading “Funny little girl”