Everything’s a lesson learnt

Poverty teaches friends think your skill consist of whinning to get free thing.When you the one poor resists some not poor look down on you believing we need to be more greatful. Why crap is still crap where you are poor or not! Life becomes a sasspool of those you believed friends bestowing on youContinue reading “Everything’s a lesson learnt”

A gift

A smile Eyes that twinkle Words that laugh Heart that loves My mom Walk in to a yard Any yard Look down Come away with at least one Four leaf clover December 3rd, 1003 pm our luck ran out October 2014, Diana Dudley removed my front door lock Crime had increased in Allamakee County Dad’sContinue reading “A gift”


Old post before December 2018 has my moms last photo I ever saw sent to me in January 2015. My moms 91 now she has been lied to by the worst narcississist in the milky way. I was stopped being ALOWED to talk to my mom last May. My half sister need to take noteContinue reading “Hello”