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Six at least

Why do you suppose, Ladies see might attract friends, No mom or dad gave her porn star name, Yet over last week at least six, Women Not lesbians have hit me up, Friend me my name is lets say, Titalating Lollypop, Suckable Curviture, Pole Dancing C***, Why is it these women think this might attractContinue reading “Six at least”

Three years with sister

Retiring soon, Called insurance today, Spoke with woman, Insurance broker, Worked from home, Insurance had changed to from government in November told me more insurance I was intiled to, Seems stupid to get more of something not from talent, Not from knowhow, Not from training, But because I survived to be older, Then two weeksContinue reading “Three years with sister”


Science Fiction, Predicting man walking on the moon, Great fiction author, Tonight I both started, And stopped reading a book of his, The Outline of history, Forth Edition,1922, The first paragraph board the historian me to sleep Life is full of excitement, Books that churn emotions, Books that become writers friends, At sixty-four working onContinue reading “H.G.Wells”


Sing loud, Sing proud, Octave, Shreek, Not a song, Audible annoyingly loud, Scream, Claws up, Claws down my only good chair, Going to stop that, Want long life, So I will think schreek but Squirt! Swear = Squirt, Gonna try,


Maybe real word, Maybe one poet in Iowa’s word, Definition Very,Very,Very big, On the few occasions that I gambled, Nickel and quarters approximately at least five dollars worth, At most twenty dollars, Never more, Never more, Fir me great joy is found in angling, Fishing for you city folks, Something poet just you, Your pole,Continue reading “Astronomical”

Time to dye

Didn’t even inquire, Automaticly given, Senior citizen meal, After spaghetti was asked choice of dessert, I said lemon pie, Wish I gad taken the tapioca, The pie was Frozen crap, The waitress said you know the pie doesn’t come with meal, I’m sixty -four, It’s like old thing, Taped to my forehead. Time to dye.

Phone rings

Both say hello, Purpose for calling a friend is to touch base, Exchange plesantries, Get the low down, Share happenings, Exchange thoughts, Not to tell a friend I’m going to tell you how hopeless I am then say well I hurt to much good bye! A friend needs to have their turn to share ,Continue reading “Phone rings”

Fashion statement,

Sign of the times, Pajama pants are not attractive, Never meant to be worn outside, Would you wear a teddy, With a slit were material covering your bottom should be? Years ago working at Mt Rushmore, Sturgeon Motorcycle week was on, A guy in no back chaps was in food service briefly, It was notContinue reading “Fashion statement,”