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Begets fear, Bullying, Lies beget believers, Innocent gets you crushed, Lonliness, Being fearful even from love, Feelings, Cornered, Trapped, All from Not bombs bursting in air! Shell shock mine from narcississ half sister who mom told seventy times a day ‘ No I”m not leaving my home,my family & friends or my cat!’ Mom andContinue reading “Trauma”


Death life vanished, Flame snuffed out, Ellen loved candles flickering, Five years stollen from me, Time we missed,holidays, Lies consume more the flames, October never good for me, Sister Missed you so very much Ellen, The asswipe han service of Iowa were told in the lies of my older half sister Ellen was afraid ofContinue reading “Sister”

When is a good deed detramental to doer?

Well last June my mom died, Mom always made do, Mom always did without, Scrimp and save, We never knew how she put by, Like a Norweign/Welsh/German squirrel, Mom went without, When I gat money I saw she got more then need, My half and full sister gave mom clothing, Neither had taste, Neither hadContinue reading “When is a good deed detramental to doer?”

Night mom I love you as always with all my heart

I don’t even know if moms alive or dead! All mom wanted was to remain in Waukon Iowa with her family and friends Diana called mom 70 times a week Every day ten times a day mom told Diaba no Im not moviing to Granbury! Night after a priest visited to duscuss keeping mom safeContinue reading “Night mom I love you as always with all my heart”


When things sound and feel incorrect they are.I was once told that hitting someone would make them orgassum faster.I have never struck anyone except once my three year old nephew Craig across his ass. It was during the time of unrest at my kid sister’s home Craig her youngest picked up the term ‘Fucker fromContinue reading “Permission”

Same tools different person

Three years my mom was bullied and harrassed on the phone and in person. I was the only one that cared.Over and over my half sister was yammering how would be ‘ better if she left her home, her family moved to Texas.’ Mom did not want to.Mom did not want to be owned,Continue reading “Same tools different person”

Watch “Marslow Theory and a narcississ” on YouTube

Narcississ are the best at getting what they want. My half sister rocked selling property because she knew when to wonk, bend over and flirt. Anything and everything to get what the narcississ needs. If my half sister was a survivor of a holicaust shes the one and only person I know who would neverContinue reading “Watch “Marslow Theory and a narcississ” on YouTube”

This was our house

405 2nd st N.E.Waukon Iowa, the house laundry room set on firw December 3rd,2014. White cat on top mom’s cat Rusty my half sister murdered when she snuck into our home to light fire in electric drier between 8 and 1003 pm. Three things were in Diana my half sisters way to forcing mom toContinue reading “This was our house”