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Six at least

Why do you suppose, Ladies see might attract friends, No mom or dad gave her porn star name, Yet over last week at least six, Women Not lesbians have hit me up, Friend me my name is lets say, Titalating Lollypop, Suckable Curviture, Pole Dancing C***, Why is it these women think this might attractContinue reading “Six at least”

ID on paper

No one knows his name, Three seen to mow, One name is known, His names ‘John,’ Big bad John, Grumpy is his friend, Room mate, Been here sometime, Judy and Brent not a clue, John’s friends name, My friend came, There was a stink about it, No one told the landlord her name, But thenContinue reading “ID on paper”

My heart is full

Another holiday hidden by christian lies Lies assult the senses Lies cut deep Empitness left One who allowed thus feaster Could have when other weilded the evil stood and told the simply truth Called the lier out Filthy cretten she is Mother heart of my heart Died June third Trueth hidden with cremation Next yearContinue reading “My heart is full”