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Hold in hand, Everywhere you go, Great place, Today I’m watching ‘List’,2008, Great movie, Great seat, Right price, No sneaking in food, Last’s movie an adventure, Alex Rider, Like a young, Blinde British, Secret Agent, Immensely good, Also on tubi,


Not cute, Not funny,

TikTok videos animals swearing, Babies swearing not cute not funny, Heat- Horribly not funny with Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, M.M swore like a Long Shore man, Made me cringe not laugh, You Again- Curtis,Chegawick,White, romantic comedy a hoot no SWEARING!!!!!!!! So many sidesplitting scenes,

What fun

Old movies Old emotions Rise forth Like first time Excitement Thrill Tears Always new Like great cup of tea Womans smile Like Our Declaration of Independence Two movies Cage’s best There’s one more about a wizard Can’t think of its name Cage is equal to John Wayne,Jimmy Steward Henry Fonda,Bing Cosby, Tom Berenger Young TomContinue reading “What fun”