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No clue, Battery dead, No juice flowing, No money, People are better able to coop when you are broke, Last week I made a mad dash to USCelluar, Went to Manchester,Iowa which is another reason I want to to change Companies, Can’t send in mail uncase it’s slow, judy.friend says buy breakfast, Over my smartContinue reading “Grasp”

Two Hearses on a wagon

Evidently I can not spell, Buggies bodies go to the grave, Interested to know, When times are hard, Times are hard! Like cemetery markers history commands, Hard times have befallen, Undertakers are in dire straights, Seems fair, Death covers us all, No one walks in life with dying along the way, Yep I think itsContinue reading “Two Hearses on a wagon”

Hate PayPal

Tried several times, Trying to get PP to understand, New email, Different bank, Different address Nothing the same as ten years ago, Like eons ago when I was more gullable, Back when I believed it was true, Games on line paid real green, I called them, It was like sign language on the phone, AlotContinue reading “Hate PayPal”

Candy can be annoying

Treats of a different color, Like Oz’s horse, Chameleon in nature , Not once but twice today on Facebook A supposed Air Force corpsperson, Inquired what I would use two grand for, Suspicious of all now having been literally kicked and hacked to my demise, I said since not made that much from Bitcoins orContinue reading “Candy can be annoying”

Banks Fraud protection

Alert came yesterday at four, ATM yesterday morning told me I had thirty-three dollars, Had an apple turnover at Kwik Star, Nothing more, Bought food with government money, Came home, So I called bank, After FB Hacking didn’t call them, Never used my debit on there, Had looked at a personnel protection app on Goggle,Continue reading “Banks Fraud protection”

Tap tap,followed by tap,

Marketing inticing poor, Gambling sports government legal America, Funny one minute not, Next all sorts of Goggle apps, Hot Cleopatra, Wienie fake Ceasar, One even for Iowa, First only on Indian Reservations, I find no fun in tap,tap,tap, Then they tempt you with more money, Their commercials telling you if you have to watch commercialContinue reading “Tap tap,followed by tap,”

Goodwill matched

Private number, On next to no income, Lame today, Lots of pain I would be glad to help others, My agenda is help Val, I have eight I care for, Eight who love me even when I hurt to move, Want a dog, Want work at home, Want to work, Can’t stand hours on concrete,Continue reading “Goodwill matched”


Are we seen as debris to be used, What we have a commodity, Like my neighbor, She’s christian, Quotes bible and verse old testament, Funny christian follower of a book written, Full of stories she said written six thousand years ago, How odd when christians believe the world is only five thousand years old, SheContinue reading “Twaddle,”

If you need a twenty let me know!

How stupid is it! A woman who owes me $4500 should offer me $20 for food? See punishment, If I knew I would never Ever see what she promised to return I never would have loaned her money! That in its self is a lesson! Next time I am ever asked for money again, ThisContinue reading “If you need a twenty let me know!”