April 11th, will always play upon my heart

Ellen B. Heike Mathis, Fifty-nine, October twenty-nine dead, Pain tetched through her heart, Bullied and told falsely accusing a blood sister of Elder Abuse ‘Didn’t matter,Ellen’s pain enveloped her existence. Slowly died intoxicated, My baby sister, Mother, Grand mother, Gone, Born sixty years today, My love started her journey south today, My heart drives shotContinue reading “April 11th, will always play upon my heart”

Going to town

Going to town looses that certain warm feeling when friend moves away, Need to go need food and power aid and yogurt Its the going alone that sucks Stuck in the mud Going with Judy or Pat was like a light in my heart Telling them either they would blow off that warm fuzzy feelingContinue reading “Going to town”

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