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Three years with sister

Retiring soon, Called insurance today, Spoke with woman, Insurance broker, Worked from home, Insurance had changed to from government in November told me more insurance I was intiled to, Seems stupid to get more of something not from talent, Not from knowhow, Not from training, But because I survived to be older, Then two weeksContinue reading “Three years with sister”

What is it for?

We assumed Medicare was for better insurance for the poor, American’s soon learned that was an erroneous assumption, Medicaid one might assume to know its purpose, Al Dombroski head of food service Mount Rushmore Concession, Company Amfac who took over for the old mountain company up from Keystone,S.D. defined assume to me fall of nineteenContinue reading “What is it for?”

Poor & Pathedic

Rammed doen our throats last year, Call government number, Check to see what ever Pathedic & pathedic Uncle Sam offered to poor Uncle Sam never cared we hated poverty, No gave money to.assist us not being poor, I finally called that number, No one told me when Pat Z dragged me to Ass Wipe IowaContinue reading “Poor & Pathedic”