Seeking a casserole

Must love northwoods Not mind volunteering Potlucks One beer or two glasses of wine, no more No more Singing around the piano Fishing Animals Doing your own thing Gardening Sitting hand in hand/honest loyal Writer/poet Sounds odd What’s in my heart What is one if the things Warms my scared Heart.

Going to the farm

Mom and dad and me minus six years of my life Dad driving mom in middle me opening gate Camera to dad was taking pictures of cows butts Tonight saw a show worthy of Minnesota but it was Iowa PBS Wonderful Iowa my great grand dad grew to manhood in The farm with mom andContinue reading “Going to the farm”

Opening line on an email send from a stranger say ‘just three clicks no experience needed!’

Stupid. I have years of experience.I had the asses who think its atteactive to me money gotten by three clicks! I know no jobs exist on line to do at home. There are no probono attorneys crooks like us president 45 with his 5 bankruptcy rule the world Theres always some fool afraud to tryContinue reading “Opening line on an email send from a stranger say ‘just three clicks no experience needed!’”

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