Pussy and possie

Today a Facebook friend send me cheesecake, I defriended her, Ok love women, But decorum should be in place, This woman’s first move was to call me babe, Why, Takes me back, I find friskiness AOK, I never friend straight men, Yet every day there they are. Today I go throw FB friends, Those thatContinue reading “Pussy and possie”

One’s Gay Poets opinion:Friends come in all?

Hum! colors, Ages! Heights, Do they really? Ok, Lets do a line up, As a gay woman friends must, Must be old enough to recall when Bewitch was on TV, Sex doesn’t matter, Lie, Yes it does matter, Men want sex, Not friends, they say they want to be your friend but refuse to readContinue reading “One’s Gay Poets opinion:Friends come in all?”

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