She wears

Blue Jeans, Flannle,a smiles upon her lips, Can swear, Gets annoyed, I hear her stress, Tell her its ok! Always unsure that it is, She calls me darling, Baby, I call her love, Sometimes Sherry, Happier with her near, Corderye, Flannle, End of day her face shouts bewilder, Still carrying on, Trying her best, MyContinue reading “She wears”

What is a heart?

What does it weigh? Getting nearer to one I love, Stayed night in a hotel where my signal for LG Smart Phone was blocked. Could call no one, Felt like being dead, Every night since July, Long distance I have loved, With book in hand I read, Three or more hours we’d spend, Like teenagers,Continue reading “What is a heart?”

From deep in space!

Out there behind the milky way! The other day, With cocked ear I heard it say! I love you! From the milky way, Round the sun, Pass the blue planet, Through the rings of Saturn, Bounding off the heat from the sun, Like the big super balls of nineteen. seventy blue planet time, Back again!Continue reading “From deep in space!”

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