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Are longer, Colder, Iowa springs, Global warming, Heat spent, Don’t, Freeze, Longer, Colder, Warmer, Shorter, Weather people suck, Only mother earth knows, Humans seem not to care, More $$$ bigger cars, More fancy hopes tittering cliffs, Aluminium mineral natural, Depleting, Species like ore when gone gone, Photos in museums, Not the same, Rain acid sinceContinue reading “Days,”


How sill…y! Fre…e, Yesterda…y meant free. Toda…y free means somethings amiss, I know! I know! On FaceBook Matketplace I have contacted. Things marked free only to hear three hundred dollars, I have a super long couch where I want something I can sit on, Its like the person is gone, Its EXACTL….Y That! Booby prizeContinue reading “PEOPL……E”