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If you need a twenty let me know!

How stupid is it! A woman who owes me $4500 should offer me $20 for food? See punishment, If I knew I would never Ever see what she promised to return I never would have loaned her money! That in its self is a lesson! Next time I am ever asked for money again, ThisContinue reading “If you need a twenty let me know!”

Words of borrower

Funny I told a friend about loaning my car, Odd response I recieved, The woman soon as I inherrited money when mom died, Hand out, Hand in my face, Yesterdays lecture seemed odd, Actually telling me the importance if my car! I know what it is to need a car, I know what it usContinue reading “Words of borrower”

Gullible Hayseed!

We care about you! I loathe that expression, It usually comes from a woman who owes me next to three grand, Today she told me the land lord cares to, Bullshit, I’m not a gullable hayseed! I have four cats, Have paid next to $10900 toward owning my trailer, This is my home, No oneContinue reading “Gullible Hayseed!”