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Heres a question

Why can’t Bitcoins go directly ro our financial institutions? Why do Bitcoins gave to go through a wallet that’s called Bitcoins? No matter what one refers to them as on my smartphone most of what it does is mine, I mine to pay bills, I mine to fix my home, I mine for a betterContinue reading “Heres a question”


Bewildering occurances

This afternoon while reading, Recording to rehear, When played back I heard creepy scream, Followed by a little girl, Question asked I, Are you listening? No ghost app used, I found it surreal, Immensely creepy, Parapsychology is , That’s all, Wow,Wow,Wow! Would have been a terrific yesterday, Yesterday was my sixty-fourth birthday so Wow,Wow,Wow, CoolContinue reading “Bewildering occurances”


Clearance Walmart yesterday, Bought a box sixteen washable mask, Five dollars marked down from thirty-eight ninety nine, Downer dear friend said were they blue or yellow! I said no idea and why? I was told the CBC demands they be yellow or green, I say when they start buying my mask then and only thenContinue reading “Mask”