Stand still

Bend with the wind Feathers ruffle Waves roll along And waves roll along Empty Alone missing the soft skin Lips brushing mine Waves roll rippling breeze And waves roll by Alone has no location Culdron simmers Fairy Wicca Nature’s way Time ownes seasons Even time is never alone Feel of another’s palm Cuddling by aContinue reading “Stand still”


As a lesbian when I do a goggle search seeking a mature lesbian for friendship Goggle goes not take to me.lady groups in the area I get taken directly to porn sites with women older then 20 doing porn. Why? Is Goggle getting some kick back from those sites that imagine all lesbian frienships womenContinue reading “Perspective”

Like Sisters

Nuns they use to say nuns traveled in two Some men think women can not go to the bathroom alone As I sit here reading Game of Thornes Contemplating my next Wally world order I question ‘Why’ Orders remind me of sister’s nuns As well of Noah and his ark One may order alot OrContinue reading “Like Sisters”