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Motorized Wheelchair

Lawsuit waiting to happen, Or trip to Vegas just to eat well, You see friends on FaceBook, They tell you where they reside, North side of Chicago, They tell you they are retired, They were a body guard, Rent is $1200-2500 a month, Friend has two bedrooms, Has been awarded two big settlements, Hit byContinue reading “Motorized Wheelchair”

History Strange,illegal, government run legal

Pot illgal, Jail or prison time to sell it, .medical, Herb changed by government, Legal, Medical still not covered by medical insurance, Gamblining on games, Now like gambling house in government hands, Codine legal in fifties, Coke originally made as tonic had coke in it(Codine), Then medical took over, Abusive, Watch history, One day governmentContinue reading “History Strange,illegal, government run legal”


Bogus job, Manchester Iowa, Walking dog Doing errands, Buying dog food, Shopping for dad, Do any exist, I want to sue, This guy bullied for my licence, Needed my Social security card, His explanation needed to check my background, Called no one, Neither of my references, As reliable as Iowa Human Service Department, The onlyContinue reading “FBI & INDEED”

Technology and the poor

Hello, In 2008,August the eleventh I was struck in the cross walk of eighth avenue and fifth walking my ten speed Waukon,Iowa. It was four p.m. dead on the hour. Lynn Morryw a nighty three year old retired wealthy attorney struck a lesbian,fifty who lived with her folks and had recently returned to college atContinue reading “Technology and the poor”

Why are lies of a narcississ socialpath thought ligit and the truth seen as fantasy?

anothreo one even inspected my half sisters words and she told Iowa Human Service Department what I said ws fantasy. She told don’t talk to mom because mom lies. Marian D Bittenger Heike Never lied its not in her make up in fact if anyone were telling something mom would interrupt and tell exactly howContinue reading “Why are lies of a narcississ socialpath thought ligit and the truth seen as fantasy?”

Rights for All!

If Everyone are due legal rights to an attorney color is not a deterant to what is or is not Right. POVERTY comes in all color and sex. I was refuse legal tight to a public attorney in 2015 because I was not told in 2012 that I had bern placed on Elder abuse byContinue reading “Rights for All!”

Rip off

Just moved into a low rent housing apartment an adopted sister. The next day huge water leak from the toilet.Guess who is Not responsible for that? The Land lord is not.Renting low rent is like renting a pig in a poke. Damn renter be ware! The damage is on you. Like buying a car onContinue reading “Rip off”


I think of that song from White Christmas my sisters rom birth are Nothing like that! One lied me on to Elder abuse so she could force our mom into her hands where mom{an independant intelligent woman could be controlled vie Gaslighting in an enviroment like exactlty like Stockholm syndrone.} The other one knowing herContinue reading “Sisters”

My will

March 17,2019 Val Heike’s last will and testament Not to be connected to anything or worked on to revive. Executor Pat Zidlicky and Darlene Braxton Coins Collected and loved by mom after dads death go to my youngest nephew for his oldest daughter Mela. Records Dr. Deb Fordice Virginia and South Dakota Mount Rushmore andContinue reading “My will”