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Phone calls, Supporting, Hearing others, When I try to chat, She’s jabbering, Next call my Florida friend, I was told I wasn’t encouraging enough, Hell I was not allowed to chat, Now a friend in Chicago a different friend is jabbering, I can not chat, So here I am writing, Writing I’m allowed, FaceBook peopleContinue reading “Talkers”

One thirty,

We will chat then, One thirty a call comes an hour early, She demanded to know why didn’t I call, Don”t I care to call her, What’s the proper response? I don’t care to jibber jabber, Love sex, Sex is better then useless conversation, When I watch TV I just want to do that, IsContinue reading “One thirty,”

Don’t Talk,

Conversation to much, Chattering, Jibber jabber, When I say got to P, Mean Now! Not yesterday! Not in an hour! Not ten minutes Now! I tried niceness, Still talking, So now at sixty-two, Never fond of wet eat, I rise and zoom away! People trust me do not even notice the phone is minus oneContinue reading “Don’t Talk,”