Pidgens in Waukon,Iowa

My home town, Church steeples loaded with bird droppings, First the town leaders just at the decision to put out posin, This was in the 1990’s , Town council all jumped at the idea, Until, Until, Cat were eating, Families loved cats, Cats were dying in record numbers, See it was the poison, Pooh wasContinue reading “Pidgens in Waukon,Iowa”

Lame duck

Hi, Ho! Well bound to happen, Hot day, Open only two windows in metal home, Got dress turned on two fans, Got water, Got wallet, Got book, Called adopted sister, ‘what she says?’ Then I say ‘Well!’ ‘Mom would say deep subect!’ Gosh I miss mom! Locked out! She said I’ll tell Brent. Two minutesContinue reading “Lame duck”