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Heres a question

Why can’t Bitcoins go directly ro our financial institutions? Why do Bitcoins gave to go through a wallet that’s called Bitcoins? No matter what one refers to them as on my smartphone most of what it does is mine, I mine to pay bills, I mine to fix my home, I mine for a betterContinue reading “Heres a question”

Would Jesus church

Still have followers today in 2022? If the four writers after his death had not wrote? The power of the written word made one individual a deity, Not without the gospel writers, Did any know if Jesus really was a carpenter? No! When were they written in contrast to when he walked? Wow, IContinue reading “Would Jesus church”

If offered Litoshi

If have too reach level one hundred, To ear. 300300 bitcoins, They are saying must reach level 100, Reaching level one hundred making no money, Winning 300,030 Bitcoins, Best sit down while I tell what you win, One hundred thousand equivalent $1.29, So 300,300 equals =$2.32, Go to Kwik Star buy bitcoins Kwik Star, reading “If offered Litoshi”

Thinning the herd, Kull

Kulling! What it does is remove those seen as weak, The weak are thought to ruin strength of the breed, Every culture down through time targeted those others felt were expendable, Seen as herd ruiners, Even holier the though christian America, American’s scientificly imagined a nazi had the exact Egenics,,human%20race%20through%20selective%20breeding.

Cat lover taught

TikTok, Tick Tock, Take an old tooth or new brush, Wet it, Makes terrific brush for car family, Its said it feels like mom brush with her tongue, Though that is puzzling, Were the people told by meow’s? I would have said it stimulates memory of ones cat mom, I found it a great idea,Continue reading “Cat lover taught”