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Bathroom Mission

It’s the Sh#ts, Your mission should you accept it is to be productive, When you try its not enough, Like real Estate, Location, Location, Location, Position yourself in front of seat, Bare down like forcing an elephant through a key hole, I make a hideous face, Real SATISFACTION Comes, What a wonderful feeling it is,Continue reading “Bathroom Mission”

Paper towel

Knew had a roll, Asked about it so I said its somewhere! Why do people ask so ‘where is it!’ Thought I just aswered that, I had said truthful with out resignation it was “Somewhere!’ One cupboard after another was opened, Peeked here, Peeked there to no avail! That roll was as illusive astheScarlet Piperell!Continue reading “Paper towel”

You are a cog in the fabric of time ..

When people pester you, When they want to come and do for you! When its inconvenient to you, They wish their husband to help, Then you find yourself sitting with adopted family, My oldest cat cradled in Judy’s arms, Black doesn’t care Judy’ Not a cat person, Judy holds him near, Judy asks does heContinue reading “You are a cog in the fabric of time ..”