Stands for Glass House People, People whose point is to tell you: How to live! What your goals are! What money should be spent on! Not spending a minute in your shoes, You might care for those G.H.P., But they will never view you, Getting by is an apparation, Apparation old word, Means like aContinue reading “G.H.P.”

Trailer’s for sale

Quasqueton perfect little town, Right on river, Storm zone, You know anything trailer, House, One like little pig made, One wolf blowable, One thing my home in woods, Writer retreat, North Carolina,Kentucky,Tennessee, Wisconsin, Virginia but r Minnesota, Huge fire place rivaled by hummungous(my word for bigger then any other) cellar, Asshole weathermen suggestion we goContinue reading “Trailer’s for sale”

Chapter 5,What’s a Ghoul to do? by Victoria Laurie

A Ghost Mystery Chapter 1a, https://youtu.be/X_kpMZgS1Ms Chapter 1b, https://youtu.be/DHjAI6Elj98 Chapter 1c, https://youtu.be/eZqLRo_ixv8 Chapter 1d, https://youtu.be/XMDU5y8NuP4 Chapter 2a, https://youtu.be/l0Z2CsyzvbU Chapter 2b, https://youtu.be/Wjji9zb8PSk Chapter 2c, https://youtu.be/nmdvJj_01s0 cheu Chapter 3a, https://youtu.be/XH3h4cibL-A Chapter 3b, https://youtu.be/cU7ynXQ1Yuw Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/Bmf9Bwhq9R0 Chapter 4b, https://youtu.be/asacavdh9Ys Chapter 4c, https://youtu.be/ykXerykppSs Chapter 4d, https://youtu.be/3NZrScAFAG0 Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/ivVv5kEFnzY


Like kindergarden is to High school New can be interesting New is always scary Putting down roots for partner & me Not North Caroline Wisconsin Only time will tell Tall to a relator tomorrow. Got money Land lords angry I fed cats. When I go if I get house in country Will return for theContinue reading “Moving”

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